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Delving into cheese's grooviest nooks...


Released in 2008 CheeseCore Deluxe was Danny's second full album of Cheese for KPM.

Here are the original liner notes:

Danny Fromajio emerges, remarkably straight-faced, from his strangely whiffy yacht,  the ‘EZ Fun-Bucket2’  to declare the release of his latest album. “Cheesy grooves, buffoon-led tomfoolery and moustachioed high jinks, it’s all in there!” he wheezes unconvincingly. “I wanted to call it ‘Simply Duvet’ but the record company thought this ill-judged.” 


So is he happy with the new tracks he’s palmed off? “Er… it’s a taste thing…”, he says. “ Where most people use taste, I use cheese. That way everything tastes better… of cheese. How I like it!”


Fromajio cuts an unusual figure as he enters the furry confines of the beige Limo that will ferry him to his next supermarket opening. Has success changed him? “Well, when we released the original CheeseCore TM we thought we’d cracked the cheese conundrum. But there was so much more cheese out there, some of it squelchy and ponging beyond belief. I realised that my work was not yet done.”



Happily, les grands fromages at KPM records were on hand to offer Danny another crack(er) at cheese-related triumph. “Why they did so I’ll never know,” he says, breaking out a ripe smile as a bead of perspiration drips from the prongs of his well-groomed tache. “My persistent phone calls may have helped.”




With that, Fromajio scribbles a few autographs and invites two female bystanders to join him in his limo. They seem uncertain at first, but are soon ensconced in the backseat partaking of the cream crackers that Danny has proffered. “There’s a selection of fine cheeses in the glove compartment!” he declares excitedly. 


One things for sure, he’s certainly a bit of a cheesy old bifter!


All of the tracks on this website and are available to download and license at EMI Production Music.


All are  at MCPS production music rate.


Alternatively please contact  Danny!


Quentin Collins


Brian Edwards

Tenor Sax    


Paul Taylor



Jim Hart



Richie Howard



The Kick Horns


Patrick Naylor



 James McNair

Guitar, Electric Bass          


Jonty Bankes



Tom Skinner



Siemi D



Barak Schmool



Roddy Lorimer

Trumpet (Section)    


Tim Sanders

Saxes (Section)    


Simon Clarke



Hester Goodman

Ukulele & Voice    


Tony T

Acoustic Bass        


Peter Hajioff

Electric Bass        


Miles Danso

Upright Electric 


Daniel Teper


Produced by Danny Fromajio


Recorded and mixed by Danny Fromajio at Ewelme Studios and Fromajio Towers


Live Room  by Tom Lyle


Cover Painting  by Laura Moreton-Griffiths


Mastered by Daniel “The Dodger” Goodridge


Executive Producers    Peter “Stilton” Hajioff, Hannah “King

Cover Illustration by Laura Moreton-Griffiths

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