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Parp-Along fun for all with
these added flatulence versions!


No-one asked for them but Danny couldn't help himself!




13 of the tracks from the album received his groovy bum-bum treatment.


To do so to the other 7 tracks felt both puerile and childish.


Released in 2016 CheeseCore Royale is a strugglingly fragrant array of annoyingly catchy and cheerful cheeky chap-ery.

Amongst its 20 thrusting titles are co-written ditties from Peter Hajioff, Patrick Naylor, James McNair and Dave Colton. A string orchestra was recorded in Budapest playing Laurence Chapman's deep-cheese arrangements.

Mr Fromajio faithfully sniffs a variety of compromised musical scenarios from sixties sitcoms to silly melodic adventures featuring deranged lunatic trickery and hopelessly optimistic grin fests.

Gurning wedding bands in thongs help to achieve cheesed-out bliss in this dinky little quirk filled orgy of dairy overload.

He maintains his whiffy hold through his rigidly spinning organs, pumping brass, seductive accordion, swinging percussion, moustachioed tuxedo-clad sex-club rhythm section, supermarket strings, naked flute and spunky trumpet lines.

There are many more versions available through KPM.


All of the tracks on this website and are available to download and license at EMI Production Music.


All are  at MCPS production music rate.


Alternatively please contact  Danny!


Musicians on CheeseCore Royale:

Quentin Collins


Ben Castle

Sax, Woodwinds

Graham Hughes

Trombone, Sousaphone

Tom Skinner


Tom Herbert

Acoustic Bass, Electric Bass

Peter Hajioff

Electric Bass

James McNair

Guitar, Electric Bass

Patrick Naylor

Guitar, Bozouki


Laurence Corns


Dave Colton


Julian Moore

Drums (track 3)

Les Zoings

Marching Band (track 8)

Daniel Teper


Laurence Chapman

String Arrangement


Strings recorded at Tom Tom, Budapest

Danny Fromajio

Throbbing organ and that kind of stuff

Additional production by Peter Hajioff


Produced with Iain Roberton @ EMI

Mastered by Daniel Goodridge

Cover Illustration by Laura Moreton-Griffiths

Hammond Organ & Leslie kindly supplied by Jason Billingham

Lucchini Bass Accordion kindly provided by Romano Viazzani

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